Rupestre Valley

55 kms north of the Cafayate Valley (Route #40), in the district of San Carlos, is Rupestre Valley. It is a desert-like region, surrounded by colourful mountains and green carob trees, where only the whistling wind breaks the arid silence.

Such a magic place has been turned into fertile land. Special irrigation systems allowed water from the mountains to reach and water the first vineyards in the region.
Being at 2,300 m above sea level, these are considered to be the highest vineyards in the world.

Special environmental conditions (climate and soil) plus suitable irrigation and training systems have been essential in the development of intense aromas and flavours in these outstanding fine wines.


  • Location: San Carlos, Salta
  • Altitude: 2,300 metres above sea level
  • Age of vines: 15 years
  • Soil: alluvial,sandy-loam, with angular stones at depth
  • Area: 25 hectares
  • Varietals: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat and Merlot.
  • Wines: Palo Domingo, M2, Mortero, Rupestre, Domingo Molina and Hermanos.

Domingo Molina

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