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Our wines

Wines of strong personality and typical quality. Moderate ageing gives them a perfect balance between complexity and freshness.

Domingo Molina
These wines are fully made with Yacochuya grapes, grown at 2,000 m above sea level, where sunlight and wide temperature range allow for suitable ripening. Typical qualities of this terroir are present in the chararcter of these wines, with the additional touch of moderate ageing in French oak. A charmingTorrontés and powerful red wines, Malbec, Tannat and Cabernet Sauvignon, are offered in this line.

M2 Malbec x Malbec
100 % Malbec, with blended grapes from Rupestre Valley and Yacochuya. Complex wine that boasts all the typical qualities of the Calchaquí Valley.

’Quebrada de las Flechas’ is located at 2,200 m above sea level, in Rupestre Valley, a place that counts on exceptional soil and climate conditions. The grapes from this terroir yield this blend 85% Malbec, 10% Tannat and 5% Merlot.  Classic vinification and twelve-month ageing in French oak result in this robust red wine, complex and elegant, suitable for special occasions.

Palo Domingo
This is the emblem label of our winery. This wine is the  the highest expression of the terroir. As with many other fine wines, the blend is not tied to set formulas, but is the expression of constant search for the best yield. Palo Domingo is exceptionally made when experts obtain nothing but excellent clusters. Twelve-month ageing in Frech oak makes of this a powerful, appealing wine, oppulent in its color, aroma and flavor dimensions.

Martes 13
100% Malbec wine, very limited edition, 2,000 bottles are produced annually. The first edition was put on the bottle one day on Tuesday the 13th, the concept of this brand is ... "The Tuesday 13th can be incredible days for great discoveries, like this unique Malbec, perfect for demolishing myths" ... Wine presented in bottle 500ml whose main characteristic is its great varietal concentration in combination with oak and pleasant sweet style granted by late grapes.


Domingo Molina

Yacochuya Norte CP4427
Salta, República Argentina
Nac. (03868) 154 52887
Int. + 54 9 3868 452887

Comercial contact

España 130, Piso 2 of. 3, Avellaneda
CP1870, Capital Federal
Tel: 011.4222.0628
Cel: 011.15.5465.5867
Phone: +54 11 4222.0628
Mobile: +54911 5465 5867

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